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When You Burn A Forest Part 3

Time for part 3 of Adam’s continuing open letter to Erika…

Many lives have been prolonged by an incantation or maybe a simple nudge of faith. This life, that was coursing through my marrow and had barely converged with my DNA, dissolved rapidly under the advancing pressure. This pressure came more from a desire that had not been fulfilled in a hot minute. Our lives had since within a week become intertwined, an unmistakable move founded upon delusions and a predisposition of grandeur. “All emotions set on kill, Jim.”

Pure ignorance controlled my every move, but yet a massive passion followed. This passion was unbridled. It was born on my sleeve since I had crossed the threshold of Gardemoen. A chunk of fresh heart that could not be shaken, originally fed by the lust for mountains and adventure. It grew by the day. Now it took on a sizeable hunger for more knowledge of her. The pulse began to fluctuate with her daily cravings. Her voice began to resonate inside my mind. I knew she possessed what I had never seen before. So warm and so comforting, I should have known. Like a snuggly made from a fresh carcass tailored to fit.

The sun was yet about to rise. These first weeks were filled with encounters with new people and nods of occasional acceptance. Wow, they were severely nerve wracking, but luckily all seemed kosher on the Swedish front. That game of dodge ball was non competitive, and became more of a friendly game of Kubb. Glances of contempt and sudden movements were replaced with discovery and almost Tai Chi fluid like movements. Cooperation and collectivism was ever present, more so than could ever have been utilized in the US. Investments were running high as I was introduced to my new family. They came with arms outstretched. I had not a care because her thoughts led me to new plains of discovery. A fresh playground in my mind was constructed by each and every individual moment. The beauty of her soul was in full swing and my untrained mind was clouded with elation.

Holy Shit! She picked me! A lowly stow away from the lower decks of the ship. A boy who subsisted on what the rats rejected. She held me in high-esteem. Not only the opinions, but every establishment of an idea, she relished. Just the thought of a perpetual loving environment sounded bulletproof. That triggered a serious and dangerous intoxication from which it would take a few years to come crashing down from.

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