We don’t expect to get rich with Some Will Never Know, instead we’ve done nothing but invest time & money (development / hosting) into this project so far. Which is fine by us, we don’t plan to stop doing that. And we really appreciate all the feedback we’ve been getting so far. Gives us a warm a nice fuzzy feeling inside haha. Thanks!

… But we’ve got some requests from people about ways to help out and we thought it might be the right time to line up the possibilities. There’s a couple of ways you could do just that. Read on if you’re interested:



It doesn’t always have to cost money

Before you think we’re greedy bastards selling out because of all the money talk on this page, pay attention. There’s also ways to support us that don’t cost money:

  • Talk about our site. Yes, it’s that simple. Just spread the word. Forward a link of a review or interview etc. to a friend. Hit that “Like” or “+1” button. Tell people to join the forums. Go door to door and don’t leave before they signed a contract with their blood.. Ok maybe we’re pushing it… But you get the idea.
  • Aside from talking ABOUT our site, simply talking ON our site helps too. Make it look alive. Make our writers feel their stuff is being read and add a comment. Join the conversations in the forums.
  • Feeling DIY? We also have flyers available you can print yourself. We’ve put 4 variations of the same flyer on an A4. Download them, print them, cut them and spread them a show, put it with orders of your band/distro etc. Whatever. It all helps!
  • Come write for us! We’re always on the look out for people to help us out with posting news, writing reviews, doing interviews etc. If you think you can help us out, get in touch!



Promote your band, label, venue, zine, world peace. For any budget. Helps us pay our bills.

Yes, now we’re talking money. We have a standard spot that is visible on all pages, although where that ad is displayed can be different for a page.

  • Size: 468 x 60
    Position: On the top of every page, both on desktop and mobile.
    Available: Max 5 banners a month

Normally you would buy ad placement for a month, but we can set up a deal for a week, half a month, two months (discount) etc. Prices already start at 15 euro, so it should be affordable for any budget.

We’re also open to other advertisement options, like naming the site “Company X Will Never Know”. Renaming users to “Coca Cola Mosher”, “Pepsi to the X”, or “Nike Beatdown” are not a problem either. Bring on the big bucks!

Seriously, just talk to us at We can work something out for any budget.



Small cost and you will not get bored on the toilet for a while

You might not know this, but Some Will Never Know started as a paper zine, done by Pim. While the reception was great and it sold pretty well, we do have some copies of issue #2 left. Pick one up and you’ll get a nice magazine that will keep you busy on the toilet for quite some time and you’ll support us at the same time. Sounds like a good deal right?

100 pages, quality A4 print and bind.

Long, personal and in-depth interviews with Marco Abularach (The Icemen), Che Snelting (Arma Gathas, Born From Pain), Johan Prenger (Reflections Records), Daniel Rosen (Bitter End), Serge De Maar (Innocent), Ian Wiles (Dead And Gone Records, The Last Chance), Jos Houtveen (Larm, Seein Red), Pieter Hendriks (Born From Pain, Reaching Forward), Lianna Davies (Pettybone, Hang The Bastard), a Goudvishal tribute (flyers, pictures and memories by people who ran the place, played there and/or went there) and more.

Cost? We’ve dropped them in price to 2,50 euro a copy (excl shipping). Starting from 5 copies they’re 2 euro a copy. Just get in touch and we can talk shipping costs (they can be a bitch though).



Feeling philanthropic?

We will not offer you a place in heaven like the Catholic Church used to do, but we promise we’ll use your donation in a good way for Some Will Never Know.

If that all sounds to expensive or too much work for you, no sweat, we’re glad you’re actually coming to our site and even made it this far in the text. Thank you!