Welcome to Some Will Never Know

Hi! Thanks for joining! Glad you’re here. Don’t click away yet though. I just wanted to take the time to introduce you to the site.

Some Will Never Know is an international hardcore / punk (and related) website. We started out as a paper zine (paper zines are way cooler!), but we’re living on the web now. Everyone is, right?

Feel free to browse around the site to get an idea about what we’re all about, but to give you a quick idea:

  • NEWS – Reporting hardcore / punk news on a daily basis (or at least we try to). Got news yourself? Submit it!
  • ARTICLES – Aside from news all our articles are under this banner. Check below:
  •  REVIEWS – We try to avoid the typical “Let’s quote the biography” reviews.
  •  INTERVIEWS – A mix of in-depth and personal interviews with people in our ‘scene’ and short updates from bands.
  •  GIVEAWAYS / AT THE MOVIES / MIXTAPES / BLAST FROM THE PAST / COLUMNS – Everything else fits in one of these categories.
  • FORUM – Start a topic, join the conversation!
  • BOOKERS – Our database of showbookers. Are you booking shows yourself? Add yourself! Bands will not get your email address.
  • SHOWLIST – Our showlist. Mainly European stuff, but we would love to feature shows from elsewhere. Add your show!

Oh and we’re always looking for people to ¬†help us out. Get in touch if you think you can!

– Pim
PS > If you have any questions, you can always email me!