Devil In Me joins GSR

Portugal’s Devil In Me joins GSR. A new record produced by Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld will be released soon.

Ninjafest, London

Ninjafest is coming back! 26th and 27th of October Anyone going? 400 weekend tickets only! The venue is The Underworld, Camden, London. And this is the line up as far as they announced today, more name TBA Abolition BDF (Reunion show) Breakingxpoint Cement Xinheritx Knuckledust Ninebar Prowler StrAnge places Cornered Fallbrawl No turning back Animalhaus … Continue reading Ninjafest, London

Deceit – 90's influenced hardcore – Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey, New Scottish band called Deceit (featuring members of War Charge and Frontline) 90’s influenced hardcore, been compared to Strife/Unbroken/Knuckledust and Stamping Ground but make your own decision. EP is up for streaming here – Live set from our 2nd show [youtube][/youtube] Facebook – Let us know what you think, cheers!

Reply To: Best 100 songs of 00

At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor (their biggest hit I guess) Ceremony isn’t in the list yet, don’t know any songs by them, but I guess they need to be on there. Other additions: Knuckledust – Universal Struggle Kickback – Ruining The Show (Les 150 Passions Meurtrières is from 2000) Uppercut – Draw The … Continue reading Reply To: Best 100 songs of 00

Reply To: Useless Distribution

NEWS november 23rd Emergence Records: Grand Predateur “s/t” 10″ Scold for Wandering / Stellardrive LP Alaska Pipeline “Master of puppets” LP Alceste / Hive Destruction LP Heliport “Desarroi esthétique” LP Hiro / Who Needs Maps LP Tekken / Die Holle 7″ Youth avoiders / Zombie are pissed 7″ Horroshow Destruction “Remains of the night” … Continue reading Reply To: Useless Distribution