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When a band has been around since 2007 but are just about to release your first 7″ you still count them as ‘new breed’ right?

CD's,SHIRTS, … zeppelin , icemen ,cro mags!!

cd’s 4 euro!! ( in goede staat) cold world righteous jams-rage of discipline prong-cleansing supertouch-the earth is flat outburst-miles to go the movielife-has a gambling problem into another-creepy eepy deadstop burn -last great sea helmet-aftertaste tiger armyIII -ghost tigers rise icepick-goldrush faith no more-angel dust/the real thing MGMT-oracular spectacular slayer -god hates us all ignite … Continue reading CD's,SHIRTS, … zeppelin , icemen ,cro mags!!

Reply To: Best dutch demos ever???

Nice one on that Icepick stuff man. Interesting! Still love that True Blue tribute track Undead πŸ˜‰ Would love to post that on SWNK itself. Might want to talk to some bandmembers about that, if they’re okay with it.