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yeah got their CD, really good stuff! As it comes to demos – Rob mentioned my taste as well: 1. STRIP THE THREADS 2. Bloodred Icepick / A Step Apart / Nothing Done / DSS / Abusive Action

Best dutch demos ever???

I love demo tapes and demo recordings. Post the best dutch demos ever!!! (Maybe with mediafire link) Love the Restless Youth and Icepick demo. I think I like a lot more but can’t remember them right now…ah yes, the State Of Mind demo tape was sick too. Maybe somebody could post it!

Patrick Kitzel

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Nice one on that Icepick stuff man. Interesting! Still love that True Blue tribute track Undead 😉 Would love to post that on SWNK itself. Might want to talk to some bandmembers about that, if they’re okay with it.