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Rotting Out – The Wrong Way

Rotting Out – The Wrong Way

The fist time I heard Rotting Out was when I got that first America’s Hardcore compilation. The song the band has on there is quite okay, yet I never really bothered to check out their previous full length Street ProwlLots of other people did however because over the past years more and more people started to talk about this LA band and their style of crossover hardcore. So yes I gave in and gave Street Prowl I chance as well. Some good tunes but nothing above average I would say.

Now there’s The Wrong Way and Rotting Out has stepped up their game. The record starts great with the title track being a mix of hardcore and punkmelodies which in a way makes me think of early Death By Stereo and AFI mixed with New York Hardcore:

‘Blade Of Rust’ is one hell of a fast song wherein the band pays homage to both Cro-Mags and Suicidal Tendencies:

Another highlight on the new record is ‘Stab’ which is about a boy who constantly watches domestic violence between his father and mother and has had enough. “He saw his mom slapped and it pinned back his eyelids”:

‘No Clue’ is already compared to Suicidal Tendencies ‘Institutionalized’:

The Wrong Way  is a far better and more diverse record than Street Prowl and Rotting Out prove they’re one of the most promising bands emerging from the LA hardcore scene in recent years. The record is produced by Nick Jett (Terror) and although everything sounds hard and heavy, I kind of wished the band would have gone and worked with someone like Paul Miner (Death By Stereo). Production wise I kind of have the feeling I’m listening to a new Terror while Rotting Out certainly deserve more of a sound of their own.

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