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haha, yeah not exactly my favorite kinda pastime either 😉 Not bad to have some days off though! Been working all day, appointment with customers after that.. Maybe some working out after that or watching the last The Walking Dead…… Or updating the ‘to review’ list for SWNK 🙂

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Middelburg (S&D, Homer, Colors Dead Bleed and The Lowest Standard) tonight, last show of the year. Many things already planned out for 2014. Looking forward to two days of fashioncore in Baroeg in March (Eskimo Callboy, Iwrestledabearonce, The Browning, More Than A 1000

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@Dennis: Jonah Matranga (or is previous onemanband thingie Onelinedrawing) Jasta – Jasta More Than A Thousand – Make Friends And Enemies Djerv – Djerv Dead and Divine – Antimacy