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Appraise – Deeper Than That

Varsity jackets, bass intro’s and live pics. Whenever a band comes up with these elements I just know I’m in for either a treat or the biggest disappointment of the week.

Groezrock 2014

So did you guys went to Groezrock this year? My highlights: ++++ Cro-Mags: a lot of energy, great show. Just too bad they only play Age of Quarrel and not a few songs from Alpha Omega, but hey, I listen to this album at least every month so… +++ Judge: A bit like Floorpunch. Not … Continue reading Groezrock 2014

Reply To: Interviews – any takers?

Anyone in the Benelux area that wants to interview H20? They’re playing Graspop on Sunday the 24th of June and are available for interviews. Anyone interested?

Make Do And Mend

Drummer Matt Carroll talks about The Wave, walking dogs and Carry On’s ‘A Life Less Plagued’.