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Olde York – Shallow World

Olde York will have you doing The Pizzamaker, The Creepy Crawly and The Lawnmower all over your furniture with their classic NYHC sound.


Andy Norton of Praise talks about his former band Champion, his present band Praise and dealing with daily life and news.

Gijs Wilbrink

An in-depth talk with Gijs about the future Tenement Kids plans, his past bands, religion, hardcore, Free Bird and paper towels amongst others.


[swnk-add-show] [img][/img] On Tuesday 14 August Trash Talk and Odd Future will be playing at Paradiso (More info: Afterwards Trash Talk will come down to the DIY venue Vrankrijk to play another late night set for the punks, hc kids and other riff raff. Their set will end before midnight, so everyone from outside … Continue reading TRASH TALK (FREE SHOW!) AMSTERDAM


[img][/img] DESTROY YOUR WORLD INC. Born from the union of two minds blending the old and new breed of Roma hardcore, DESTROY YOUR WORLD INC. is a brand new collective started with the sole intent of putting out yet another helping hand to fortify hardcore worldwide. Based on the ideal that good results can only … Continue reading DESTROY YOUR WORLD INC.

2013 according to SWNK

2013 is almost over, time to look back before we all dive feet first into the new year.

12/5 Cobra Skulls(Fat Wreck)+Versus The World(ft Lagwagon)+Sweet Empire @Winston

Fans also like: Lagwagon, The Flatliners, Against Me!, Rancid, Dead To Me, Nothington, Banner Pilot, Smoke or Fire, Menzingers, The Copyrights Tickets: Two Groezrock bands on 1 night!! + 1 awesome local band! ***Cobra Skulls*** In 2007 CS released their first full-length Sitting Army with Red Scare. A full-time touring schedule followed with bands … Continue reading 12/5 Cobra Skulls(Fat Wreck)+Versus The World(ft Lagwagon)+Sweet Empire @Winston

Emiel Laurant

Emiel played the guitar in Reaching Forward, Downslide, Razor Crusade and No Turning Back amongst others.