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Off Roofs Genes and Stolen Meanings contacted us for a review. I am going to that and interview ‘m as well. Also trying to get in touch with Hurula for an interview.

Ryan Young

Pim had a chat with Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads.

Pale Angels

How do you run a band when bandmembers live on different continents and play tons of different bands as well? Pale Angels explain it all.

Jonah Jenkins

Only Living Witness, Miltown, Milligram and Raw Radar War. Or maybe you’ve heard his guest vocals on the “No Heroes” Converge record?

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Watched All Hallows’ Eve this weekend. Pictures of Art The Clown have been popping up on horror websites for months and the 15 second Instagram trailer was awesome. ( This turned out quite different than I expected. It’s an anthology film containing three horror shorts on a VHS-tape (hmmm, where have we heard that before?), … Continue reading Reply To: Movies / TV shows part II

Do It Yourself – Do a zine

Ever wondered how to do a zine yourself? Look no further. Here’s a bunch of tips from the pro’s. Join in and share your own tips.

Michiel Walrave

Talking about his bands (The Real Danger, Nothing Done, Know Your Enemy, Uppercut a.o.), artwork (Mental, No Turning Back a.o.) and his life.


BECOME is from Santa Barbara, CA, home of Ebullition Records. These guys love to express themselves. Read for yourself.